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Original SOE Gear and owner John Wiliis stole money from me! I made a purchase from them and NEVER RECEIVED MY item.

They have a paypal order system which does not allow you to purchase on their page, instead they send an paypal order to your email. I never received their paypal order so I didn't have a chance to pay it. The owner John Willis then went on to his Facebook page and openly insulted me and a number of other people in the same boat. After being insulted I went ahead and paid the bill, I don't know why in hindsight.

I ordered over 2 months ago and I still have yet to see my order! After looking into it I have discovered that John Willis is a thief and an actual FELON. He went to prison for some type of gun charge and I guess he took everything he learned in jail and applied it to business. Never buy from SOE gear or John Willis, you will regret it.

I am in the military and after asking around I have found out that everyone who interacts with him has nothing but negative things to say.

Bottom line, John Willis is a thief and Original SOE Gear is the most illegitimate gear company in the industry.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Rockford, Illinois, United States #1230715

I ordered a micro rig on Black Friday, 2014. At some point a "No ETA.

This is a preorder. No refunds." message popped up on the page. A year went by and I sent an e-mail, asking how it was coming along. I received a vague response that it wasn't ready.

Last week (being that it was now almost 2 years ago, when I ordered this), I cancelled the order. I received a response that stated that I read from the "...bug [sic] red letters..." that there would be no refund.

Instead they gave me a gift card code, thus making me order, again through their company. What a douche.


Bolches yarboclos pa todos



"John Willis sold a confidential informant (“CI”) a rock of crack cocaine for $40.

The State charged Willis with class B felony dealing in cocaine and class D felony possession of cocaine.

During voir dire, Willis began to exhibit erratic and unusual behavior, and one of the prospective jurors wondered if he was on drugs.

Willis’s attorney requested that the trial court allow him to inform the jurors of Willis’s mental health issues."

Besides this there are also charges because of illegal gun ownership.

Not the kind of people I support with my hard earned money.


Like you I have ordered from SOE, my order was canceled and refunded, (I was a little over excited) unlike you, I didnt let that stop me, I have re ordered a belt and I look at the pros the new order is for a smaller waist size, If my old order had stayed Id be stuck with a belt to big for my britches. Quit being a basic ***.

Besides I bet every single person on here has that dark spot in their lives.

Let he who is with out sin, cast the first stone. You £ucking fairy.

to Anonymous #1262792

You sound just like willis the prison ***


What an ***. Playing call of duty is not the military you ***.


Clearly you are to *** *** to figure out how to order from soe. The only order I ever made with them was done from my phone and within 4 weeks i had my package of American made badassery.


Never had an issue with the SOE gear I've ordered. Order came in 8 weeks, OMFG really 8 weeks, exactly like the web site said.

WOW the horror of it. If you are confused by a simple paypal order transaction, you sure as *** don't need to be overwhelmed with the complicated excellent nylon belts and buckles. Heaven forbid you try and figure out how to use the excellent mag pouches. I couldn't care less about what John Willis did in his past.

He runs his business as he sees fit, if you don't like it, go buy your gear somewhere else, just be prepared to replace it more often.

You sir are a *** and need to turn in your man card quickly.


I ordered a belt from SOE almost 2 years ago. I followed the instructions they provided, and *** magic happened.

I got my belt before the expected date I was given! I've put my belt through ***, and in the meantime I lost some weight to where it was too big. Sent the SOE team an email. I was told send it to them with my new size and guess what?!

They didn't just cut down the nylon, they replaced the whole belt. Brand new buckle and all.

Got it back to me in two weeks from the day I placed it in usps' hands. No complaints here mate


funny how I recieved 3 orders in the past 3 weeks. longest wait was 2 months and that was an order that was something in a color they don't make often.


I am a loyal SOE customer I've ordered from them 3 times over a 2 year span. Never had an issue that wasn't rectified.

Never had my order canceled either. Why? Because I'm not a butt-hurt *** ***. Thats why.

SOE makes GREAT gear in the USA by AMERICANS. And should be supported. And pointing out that he's a felon is irrelevant in my mind. Why?

He's not still in prison on some Bs charge to stay fed and bed on my tax dollars, and he's not waiting on the street corner to stab me or my family to get money for crack. He IS however a ligitimate and legal.

Businessman. That doesn't conform to this "customer is idol god and can do no wrong" bs.


I know this punk and he is NOT in the army. Parents basement is not far of either.


Those of you saying SOE sucks because they told you to *** off obviously think that the mindset of "the customer is always right." Is true, you are mistaken. I worked for a big company I quit because of the bull *** with *** customers who didn't know a tire goes on the rim.

You all *** are those same ignorant fucktards that should not reproduce or even be allowed to own firearms or sharp objects. And Ares gear sucks they bs you horribly and sell you *** made in a Chinese sweat shop put together by 3 year olds


You are an incompetent fool.


I ordered, I followed instructions. Product came.

No but hurt here. Happy customer in a foreign land.


Thanks for the upcoming sale in your honor. Promo code dickeater20

to Anonymous #981191

John! ha what's up man!


Ares Gear is far superior to everything SOE has to offer. Ares gear would never think of treating a customer/potential customer like Mr Willis does.

My aegis belt beats the heck out of any belt they offer. Case closed.

Anything you say in defense of SOE goes down the toilet you people need to stop sucking Johns *** and wake the *** up.

to Anonymous #979987

john, do you really believe your the only one out there sewing nylon webbing with *** customer service? Your right!

Many other sew nylon webbing like you, do it better and far exceed what you call customer service.

Stop suck johns *** people. He's a legitimate toolbag!


Sounds like you are a whining little *** that can't read the disclaimer about when *** will ship. *** my guess is you are an air soft hero in your own mind!

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