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Original SOE Gear - 14 orders since last year and still NO PROBLEMS!
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Most SOE products MAY take 8-12 weeks to complete as stated on their website. SOME products CLEARLY state "NO ETA" - self explanatory. This was my second belt order from them. My first order, a Coyote Cobra Riggers Belt took literally 3 business days to complete and ship to me. This second order, a Low Profile EDC Belt in Black and OD was placed on 04/7 and this product was in my hand on 04/18. Certain people have "issues" with this company and... Read more

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Their shipping was fast ,price was good,quality is excellent... if you want highest quality buy from S.O.E ive never had any problems with service in fact AMANDA AND JOHN did a new belt exchange in half the time stated.i have no problem with a company like that.

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It is the best gear that I have used.customer service is outstanding John and Amanda handle everything I've ever needed and I am extremely happy with the service I have received

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Look it takes 8-12 weeks because the product comes from over seas and then they put it together in the us ! The owner has no military experience but claims he has government contracts I would like to see that! If Soe stands for what the owner thinks he must not have the mind set to understand that , and there is a lot of SF guys that would love to talk to him about that *** ! It like I hire military men and women and he is just riding there... Read more

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Hate to be so rudely blunt, but after the manner my order was handled and the way I was spoken to by what seems to be the owner is beyond unacceptable. I didn't even inquire until 16 weeks after I was paid in full. Then after email upon email from the guy in a teenaged rage back and forth... with insult upon insult, then says to lock my account and I am a fraud risk?? ...after you had my money for 16 weeks paid in full and gave me zero... Read more

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Not sure where to start, so ill list it out to make it easy. 1) Regularly puts customers on blast if they email him complaining about literal wait times of months to a hear. 2) John Willis (Owner) is a convicted Felon 3) Facebook profile (of the company) is filled with profanity, libel, slander and childish behavior from the owner. 4) Gear is EXTREMELY overpriced, any other high end gear company will be able to match what they have and do better... Read more

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It takes 8-12 weeks to have an order to ship. At least. After not receiving an order confirmation over 2 weeks after my payment came out of my paypal account, I contacted SOE. John Willis was extremely rude saying that if I didn't have an order confirmation then as far as he was concerned, I didn't pay. If the owner of a company is that big of an *** hole then he really needs to hire someone else to deal with the customer service part of the... Read more

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Exceptional quality. Great turn around. Ordered a simple edc belt. Provided me with tracking same day. Site explains it all. Read folks it good for you. SOE will get more business. I'm already aching to buy more stuff.

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Ordered a belt over eight months ago. I had contacted them a couple months back as it had been well past the 8-12 week waiting period they advertise. I got a one line answer with no indication of when it would be made or shipped. Not even an estimate. So I waited another month, Still nothing. Now in the past few weeks I've sent them three emails with no response back and from other reviews I hear that seems to be a trend with this company. As... Read more

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I ordered an EDC Low Profile Belt from Original SOE. The sizing instructions say, "These belts will adjust outward several inches but don't get much smaller than the size you order." I ordered a 32" belt and the smallest it would go is 35". I also didn't like the way it overlapped in front (as compared to the, far superior designed G Hook Belt by Volund Gear), so I asked if I could just return the belt. I figured, any halfway decent company... Read more

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